Thursday, 17 November 2016

Have you ever been caught in a situation of missing out discounts or promotions because you do not possess a credit card or the particular credit card which were valid for the offer?

Well, what if you could actually enjoy these fantastic discounts or promotions without even having one? Well, for you house pours lovers out there, we have fantastic news for you. You can now enjoy 1 for 1 house pour drinks outside of Happy Hour at some of the finest restaurant bars in town right here at DayLush!

Here at DayLush, we believe that these privileges should not be entitled to credit cards holders alone but to be shared and enjoyed among those that do not have one.  

Without further a do. Here’s how it works.

All you need to do is select & purchase the house pours on our webstore @ while dining. Or you could even purchase a day or two before if you have already plans to dine at the restaurant.

Once you have made a purchase via our webstore, an invoice will be sent to your email within 24 hours.

When you have received the bill at the restaurant, just give us a call @ +65 6810 5320 and we will head straight down to your location within 10 to 15 mins to settle the bill for you.

Simple as that!

If you have any further enquiries, kindly drop us a mail @ or you can contact us @ +65 6810 5320. Or you can leave a comment below. :)

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Merry Christmas and have a wonderful festive season. Cheers!